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We are your brand Keel

Keel Digital is an independent international creative agency born in 2014 with offices in Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Our story began in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia; we had a collaboration with the top brands in restaurants, clinic industries and various industries. We had a dream of turning the brands into digital success stories.

After hard work and passion, we successfully opened a branch in Egypt

In Keel, we are going beyond the usual stereotypes and systems with creativeness and producing 360º projects

Educational, planning and execution process is the approaches that we use to help brands achieve their digital goals

We help the founders and business owners in gaining clarity and a clear vision of the factors essential to their long-term success is invariably the best way to begin.

Then we plan the process of understanding market fit, building consumer trust within the best fit market and leveraging your product and finally we execute our digital plan after deep analysis and understanding our prospective customers and achieve our objectives.

In Keel Digital we increase client visibility, sales and leads through digital marketing strategies.

Each strategy is customized to meet the client's unique business goals.

We deliver strong branding identity through marketing communication across all media.

Keel Digital will take your online presence to the next level, your website design, copy writing, keywords, social media presence, and more.

We ensure top quality service and persistence in achieving your business goals and discover the full potential of your business and working closely with you to adapt your marketing objectives effectively, and to maximize your returns from platforms suited to you.

We investigate in your problems, tailoring solutions, educating you and empower your brand. We make our way and leave a trail of businesses that succeed with us.

Our Social Media Management Service provides everything you need to be successful on your brand’s social media channels. It includes:

· Content creation and publishing

· Community management

· Insights and reporting

We work with social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter.

We help companies capture the essence of who they really are through Branding Services:

· Creating a Brand Strategy

· Brand Positioning

· Creating a brand personality

· Increasing brand awareness

· Managing Brand creation process

We also provide Digital Marketing services which are one of the top services at Keel Digital Agency and we provide:

· Digital Strategy

· Email Marketing

· Online Advertising across all platforms

· Landing Pages


· Digital Audit

· Marketing Automation / Remarketing

And finally, we provide Video Animation and Motion Graphics services which are an excellent tool for conveying complex concepts. It delivers messages easily and clearly

If you are looking for an agency that does not just work for you but with you, then Keel Digital Agency definitely is a great option for you.

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