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Egypt: Corona virus and working from home?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Are the companies in Egypt ready to work from home?

After the pandemic COVID-19 spread around the globe, working from home was a crucial step to go for many organizations and companies.

Egypt declared that the schools and universities are suspended for 2 weeks to fight the spread of the virus.

Some of the teachers decided to teach the students via the internet and help the students completing their curriculum without any return.

Studying online in Egypt will have many challenges as the system is not ready yet for such a change but we hopefully wish it could be a turning point for having this option in Egypt further on.

A large number of organizations in Egypt have declared the same announce for their workers and let them peruse their work from home and here are some on them:

Keel Digital - The Daily Crisp - ITS - Enozom - Trufla Technology - Careem - ATW LTD - Incorta - Orange Business Services - Microsoft - Infor - Testing Geeks - FlairsTech - Arabia-IT - Business Valley - TigrisNet Egypt - IOTblue - Medstreaming - Expleo Group - VMware - Orcatechs - Gameball - Eventtus - Areeb group - Seal Software - Pay mob - DXC Technology - webkeyz - Raya IT - Catalyst business solutions - WE - TEDATA - Digis Squared (Digis2) - Youxel Technology - - Fixed Solutions - Technivance - Wuzzuf - Forasna - Arabyads - Sumerge - Aria Systems - Shark And Shrimp - Vodafone VOIS (Parents till now) - Future Group - infosys - Raya Trade - Olis Holding - PESCO Egypt - ONICA Egypt - Speakol - Fixawy - Lenme - Limelite LLC - AXA - Skills Bank - Mrsool Egypt - MAVEN Development - Mostation marketing agency - MO4 Network - Mostation marketing agency - Link Development - EraMint - Rina egypt activate smart - Motorola Solutions - SuperMama - Coral Technology Group LLC - Jobzella - TheCairoAngels - Wasla Browser - CEQUENS - L’oreal egypt - PROART Consulting - Skill Hub - IACC HOLDINGS.

It's one of the greatest steps to be made at this time for the sake of the safety of the Egyptian citizens.

Although the number of companies that declared working from home strategy, there is a different industries in Egypt that won't be able to work from home like the service sector who reached 48.72% in 2019.

How to Work from home and be productive?

You have to be prepared and organize your place to work productively remotely :

  • Let's start by creating your routine, Wake up early, drink your coffee, exercise and get ready for work

  • Carve out a dedicated work area that is comfortable and organized, don't work on a sofa or while watching T.V, stay away from any noise and distraction to concentrate on your work

  • Create a to-do list every day, to help you keep on track about what is still on due and what you have finished

  • Every while, take a break, do stretching or move around to help your body from back pain or from being still.

  • Make sure to have a good internet connection so you can have a conference call or meet online without any distractions

  • Try to eat healthy food with no fats to help you concentrate well and not getting fat during that period

Finally Keel Digital wishes you to be safe and we pray for the safety of people all over the world.

Be cautious and always spread positivity no matter what.


Keel Digital CEO

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