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Social Media is our Proficiency

Social media is one of the fastest-changing industries out there.

Social media is a great tool for internet marketing. Social media is one of the fastest-changing industries out there it is effective and low-cost. You can grow a following and grow your business by implementing social media marketing.

We will tell you how to grow your business online using our social media marketing tips.

1- Keep your social media user-friendly, engaging and simple

Don't use words or content that is sophisticated or technical to your audience, most probably it will keep them away from engaging and communicating with you

Always seek to use simpler and engaging discussion with your audience, try to provide them with the information they need. Use everyday terms and try to look as you are a business entity that appreciates its customers.

Story-telling is the magic of social media

Stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with consumers. Story-telling is re-defining social media making it more creative and quite ephemera.

Longer posts had more “Other Clicks” such as clicks to “See More”, which appears on long Facebook posts. That’s great if you are telling a story rather than trying to drive traffic to another site.

Always convey a story in the way you create your publishing plan, Always look for an incentive idea to build your brand on. Not only have the children love stories but also adults.

Storytelling catches your audience's attention and lets them seek to hear your content.

3- Posting

Don't post the same type of content on all social media channels. Try to utilize each channel in the best way possible.

Try to also choose the type of content that helps your business objective like using videos, motion graphics to increase engagement.

For example, YouTube is suitable for long videos while Instagram is suitable for photos and short videos.

Make sure you use every platform to its full potential, like using hashtags, writing witty comments, and so forth

4- Advertising

Due to the high competition between the brand online as well as the majority of people are using social media, you have to advertise on social media platforms to stand out.

You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & YouTube People relatively choose social media as a marketing tool because it is free to use.

By choosing to advertise, you can reach a wider audience in different places and can increase your profitability. The amount of money you need to spend and the benefits that you will get differ from each website. Therefore, you should learn about it more before you utilize it or let Keel Digital hold this responsibility for you.

5- Use Good Hashtags

Build a group of loyal followers and fans by creating a hashtag that is easy to spell and easy to remember.

Also, try to build hashtags including your keywords and use unique hashtags in each season to let your customers can get back to the theme posts of the season.

Avoid using random and difficult hashtags in your content.

6- Chatbots

letting a smart chatbot help your customers at the moment they need it is easier than many people think.

Using of chatbots will improve and become more useful over time, independent of human interference.

Chatbots are not the only area marketers can use to embrace artificial intelligence. Solutions like Alter utilize AI to help content marketers to engage their audience better.


It’s no longer about direct selling and seeking to reach the customers through organic search or advertising. It’s also about:

  • Engaging our audience on social media (through creative advertising, content using social media storytelling)

  • Tying them to your brand through personalized experience and usage of chatbots to create a more easy and effective user experience

  • Continuous interaction and using hashtags.

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