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Social Media During Ramadan

Happy Ramadan to all.

Due to the highest rate of activity and engagement during this holy month, Ramadan is one of the biggest marketing seasons all over the world.

So as a marketer you should know that you have to set a specific strategy for this month to get the maximum profit for your business.

Quick statistics and analysis:

  • For Twitter, 83% of consumer are open to try new brands during Ramadan

  • The rate of using social media increase by 53%

  • 40% of users search for offers during Ramadan

The month brings a complete change in the pattern of consumption in social media, So Keel Digital gives you some tips and tricks about how to understand the change in social media during Ramadan.

First of all, you should set your social media design theme that fits with Ramadan.

Social media channel changes during Ramadan:

  • 86% of people on Facebook in the Middle East celebrate Ramadan

  • 69% of people in KSA use Instagram to search for gift ideas

  • Social media usage peaks at 3am during Ramadan amongst Facebook's 152 million Monthly Active Users in MENA

So as a marketer you have a golden time between 7 pm and 3 am and it’s a great opportunity to be present online.

Due to the increasing connection between growing consumerism & Ramadan, there’s an average increase of 20% in advertising budgets.

And since the demand for ad space peaks during the month, it’s vital for advertisers to choose campaign objectives that provide them with the best ROI.

One of the tactics that Keel Digital advises you to usr during Ramadan is, Storytelling content.

Create campaigns that fit with the spirit of Ramadan and feel more personal than advertorial.

Remember, it’s the month of giving so promote values such as charity, generosity, community activities and devotion.

So you have to set your budget versus your KPIs to get the best results during Ramadan.

Keel Digital Hope you Happy Ramadan

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