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5 Safe social events ideas to celebrate after coronavirus

It’s 2020 and life just decided to hit us harder this time as we lived through a deadly pandemic! After staying home for no less than 3 months as the first coronavirus cases in Saudia were in March, we finally made it to the safe side and back to our normal life and to what we need the most: attending social events and socializing.

So here are 5 safe social events ideas that people would love during this period:

A social event is a gathering where the purpose is to make people get together and have fun in many ways.

1- Film screening You can organize a film screening in an open place to guarantee people’s safety and to make it more fun. Let them reserve their seats online to control the numbers and to make sure the place isn’t crowded.

2- Cycling event A lot of people started buying and riding bikes lately especially during the pandemic so they would love to apply for this event. Also, it’s a very safe event where people don’t have to interact directly with each other.

3- Arts and crafts event/art exhibition According to your target audience and your purpose for creating an event, an art event is a good idea as there are a great number of artists and people who appreciate art in each community.

4- Performance event Whether it’s a music concert, talent performance, or even a talk. People will enjoy all of that, but make sure to communicate with them their safety procedures like social distancing, wearing masks, and event number limitation.

5- Fireworks Here’s a fact we all have to agree on! The past months of 2020 can’t be counted, and that’s why we need to celebrate this year again. Fireworks are the best celebration choice as they never fail to amaze people when they light the whole sky bringing childlike glee to adults and kids.

Having survived a pandemic means that people are in a bad need to celebrate and socialize, contact Add to help you organize any kind of events.

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